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Hi all,
Newbie here. Not new to online forums, but new to this one.

So here's my situation.

I've been doing a side project for a real estate agent. I've been following the business of blogging for quite a while and I realized a trend that more and more realtors were using real estate blogs. I see this trend to continue in the future. I had my own ideas about how to use real estate blogs to be more effective and I decided to take on a real estate agent and help her set her own blog. Having run multiple blogs myself, I knew blogs could prove to be great from an SEO perspective. And I was correct. Within 6 weeks, I got her blog listed on the top 3 for MSN and Yahoo for her main keywords which is usually something like this; "my city + real estate" or "my city + real estate agent". Of course, Google is another animal alltogher :)

I have a very good grasp of SEO and it's intricacies. And I understand how good web design and usability is interlinked with SEO. I had thought of going into launching real estate SEO practice. But I don't know. I mean, I know that the market is virtually untapped for good RE SEO that takes into account good web design and functionality. I did various google searches for real estate keywords in my area and most of the sties that show up are mostly big national real estate companies that are lead generators. And the individual RE sites that show up are ranked high, but have horrible web design. I know I can develop a team of copywriters and webdesigners who could do so much better. So I know that the potential for this vertical market is huge for SEO work.

But I also know what I'm not good at. I'm not good at link popularity services. I'd probably have to outsource that to a company in India because they are cheaper...ah globalization :) Please no hate mail.

And I'm also not good at and have no inclination to follow Google ceaselessly and try to understand their algorithms and such. I feel like to be real good at SEO work, you have to be an expert and follow every breaking news story about SEO and such.

My real passion is to help real estate agents develop better websites and of course, make money from their websites and weblogs. But I also know that passion can only take me so far if I don't have the knowledge about certain areas of SEO. What are your thoughts on my predicament?

How have some of you guys handled some of the challenges from being or running a SEO business?

I'll add more to this post, but I like to get a feel for what others are thinking. Thanks.
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I have a friend who is a Real Estate agent and is looking to get a website done and ranked high in the SE's. Unfortuanitly Im not that great with the whole blog thing. However, when it comes to LP I would consider myself really good. We should talk some more about this and see if we can't get a project going together

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