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According to Wordtracker, Google gets 35% of all global search engine traffic, Yahoo gets 30% and MSN gets 20%. So the obsession with page rank is only relevant for a third of all search queries.

But has anyone any info on how these percentages break down according to different countries ? eg. in UK

Or info on how these percentage trends are changing?
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Hi, I believed I seen this sort of stats at before.
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Hi Chris,

I can give you the experience from our site (but not an overall statistical analysis).

We run a directory for a region in Spain ( that is aimed at people in the UK and ex-pats living in Spain. Thus, positioning on search engines used in the UK is very important to us.

I would say that it breaks down to approximately the following % for search engines ...
- Google : 40-60%
- Yahoo : 10-20%
- MSN : 10-20%
- Others : 10-20%

Now. the interesting thing is that we are probably better ranked on Yahoo / MSN for the most prominent keywords than we are on Google. For example, if I search on 'Almeria' or 'Almeria Spain' or 'Costa Almeria' on Yahoo / MSN, we get picked up. On Google, we get picked up for more obscure queries instead, but more often. As we are a directory covering pretty much everything for that region, we are happy with results from either.

Thus, my guess would be that Google is used in the UK much more than the international averages would suggest (I don't think that either Yahoo or MSN are as strong a brand in the UK as they are in the States for example).

Like I said above, this is just our experience with one site and maybe others find the reverse is true.

I hope that helps,

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