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yo backup now.. and give a brother room..

i know search engines find sites in their ways, their formulas, the page rank. the links... the meta data.. all that garbage..

thats fine.

i know that for some website descriptions, the first paragraph of text after the body tag is used as the website description.

therefore it is commonly advised to keep a descriptive keyworded paragraph close to the top of the page and as close to the body tag as possible..

my question is this.. i have placed this first paragraph in a table, which is in another table.. and so on...
so i kind of have 4 or 5 lines of table code just after my body tag..
so technically the first paragraph isnt as close to the body tag as it could be...

so.. will this have any effect on how the search engines read my page..
is it to far away from the body tag and will it take too long to index or woteva

or will it quite simply make no difference because the engine will automatically find the first piece of written content on the page after the body tag..

ok, thats my question done.

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