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Ten things to keep in mind while posting images on blogs.
Include the keyword in your image name.

Ex:- Instead of "DSC1234.jpg" it’s better to name it as "Make-money-online.jpg"

Never use characters/spaces in filenames as they will be encoded. Ex: – Instead of "DSC%20123cat.jpg" it’s better to name it "DSC-123cat.jpg"
Use the ALT tags

ALT tags are recommended, though their usage is debated. Let’s put it this way. It may not give you a good push in the SERPS, but definitely, you don’t want to lose an opportunity.
Use the "Title" attributes

Title attributes are a great way to add meaningful information about the images. Use it. Ex:- Title="Yellow cat sitting on the wall." P.S – Don’t forget the image search traffic.
Place the image within ample text

So that, engines can crawl the text and make out what the image is about, if at all the ALT tags, filenames and TITLE attributes aren’t available.
Do not use the same ALT tags for two or more images on the same page
Do not use the same TITLE attributes

..for two or more images on the same page/site. It appears artificial.
If possible, place the image amidst the textual content

Cleverly embedded in it and not before or after it.
Name the folders with your keyword variants in place

Ex: – Instead of wp-content/uploads/DSC00123.jpg try placing it in keyword1/variant/filename.jpg
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Include your images in your sitemaps -- google-forum/images-site-map-t102989.html

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