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Would you ignore presentation and 'flowing readability' by flooding your page with keywords if you knew it would get you more hits?

    Yes I would if it means i get more visits
    No I would not - customer experience is more important

seo techniques for this website

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Post 3+ Months Ago

this is not an attack or a plug.. this website infact does not belong to me.. it is just a question regarding certain aspects of its seo techniques..

the above website is the foremost ranked site on every search engine i have found.. for several key phrases in my industry..

obviously we dont know everthing this site has done to get to that point..

you will notice they have some strong outbound links..

my question is regarding the on-page factors.. the homepage has vast quantities of keywords at the bottom of the page.. just scattered.. and many inbound links on its own page linking back to the homepage for several more keyphrases..

they have obviously chosen effectiveness over presentation..

basically i was wondering what your opinions were on the keyword flooding method this website uses.. the jibberish keyword rich content on the pages.. and so on..

what do you think of this practice, clearly this is influencing the 'free hits' this website receives in a positive way.. doesnt this kind of on page design almost border with spamming, and do you think search engines will continue to rank this page so highly in the future considering evolved retreival techniques..

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Post 3+ Months Ago

That site is on the verge of being considered at fault for unethical SEO tactics.

I'd say it's more important for current customers to have a good experience on your website than to spam the site and try to horde in traffic which will most likely leave your website as quick as they came.

Appearance is everything on the web...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

1- Returning visitors is always good
2- Most hosts will cancel you
3- You won't get more hits after a while because some one will request google to hand check your site and they will notice you flooded your site with keywords.
BUT put your keywords in hiden fields, in tags. some engines bots still read this.

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