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Soon I want to build myself a new website. So far, I promoted my other website (= web design) through the local market. Therefore I don't have any experience with SEO!!

I would like to receive approximately 1000 hits on a daily basis in the beginning!

How difficult is it nowadays to get 1000 visitors a day?

Probably, you will say that this depends also on the subject of my website. I don't know what I should do: choose a subject based on popular search term keywords or a specific market (less popular search term keywords)!?

If a build my website around popular search term keywords, then the competition is too big & most likely very difficult for someone like me to get a high page ranking.

I mean there are thousands of webmasters out there who know much better how to optimize websites for search engines then me!!

If a choose something specific, not very common whereby the search term keywords are (much) less used by visitors then you still have competition, but how much traffic can I expect on a daily basis!?

Also link exchange is a problem here:

If you don't have any traffic then popular websites/highly ranked websites will not do link exchange with my website!!


- I hope that someone is able to tell me how I can approach above mentioned things!

- How I get 1000 hits a day with a new website & how soon?

- What should be a good subject for my website regarding my abilities (read - SEO beginner ) in order to get minimum 1000 hits a day!

P.S. The reason why I mention all the time that I want at least 1000 hits a day to start with is because I also would like to use affiliate programs on my website in order to make a few bugs as well from this!!

I hope to hear from you soon... Many thanks for your time & effort!


Michel :)
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i kinda don't see the point of this? Maybe i'm missing it. I thought the idea behind building a web site was that you had a passion for the subject or something to offer?
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I dont quite get it too.
Are you after another website as yr design portfolio?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Yeah this is confusing. You want traffic and affiliates and you are asking us what type of content for your site before you build it?

there are tons of sites that do the same thing and most people don't use them or click on the ads. But if you are a web designer and can build a decent looking site then maybe this would actually contribute something good to the internet.

What type of affiliates are you trying to get? Doesn't that answer the question about want you want in terms of content?

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