social book marking sites and blog directories ?

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Hello Webmasters,

i am new in web marketing and i am going to set up new 2 sites of ecommerce.

please give me social book marking lists and blog directories so i can submit my site.

awaiting your reply

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For directory submission:

For social bookmarking:
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here are some of social bookmarking sites that you can use:
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How does social bookmarking works ??

Please let me know.
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34Things - To do List, Activity Lists [PR 8]
AllMyFavorites - [PR 4]
Article Tag - Social bookmarking service. [PR4]
aworldofhelp - [PR4]
Backflip - General [PR 6]
beanrocket - general [PR 6]
Bookkit - [PR4]
Bookmark Manager - [PR5]
BookmarkSync -[PR5]
BibSonomy - [PR1]
Blauer Bote Bookmarks / link - Bookmark manager for German & English [PR 5]
BlinkBits - [PR 4]
BlinkList - [PR6]
BlogHop - [PR7]
BlogLot - [PR 2] - [PR 6] - [Network also has French, Spanish and Portuguese version -] [PR5] - [PR 8]
BlogPulse - [PR7] - [PR4]
BookmarkTracker - [PR 5]
browsr - [PR5] - [PR6]
butterfly - [PR 4] - [PR 5]
clipclip - [PR4]
clipfire - [PR 6]
Clipmarks - [PR4]
commontimes - [PR6]
Connectedy - Converts browser bookmarks into social categories. [PR5]
Connotea - Social bookmarking for the scientific community. [PR7]
Complore (Research Collaboration Tool for Researchers) - [PR 8] - [PR 6]
Digg - Technology site combining social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. [PR7]
diigo - [PR6]
dinnerbuzz - for guide to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops anywhere in the world. [PR5]
Dog Ear - [PR3] [P33]
Dutch Social Bookmarking site - This is the (currently only) Social Bookmarking site for the Netherlands. [PR3]
Fark - [PR8]
Favoor (Available in English and German) [PR3]
FeedMeLinks [PR4 /PR3]
Feedmarker - RSS and ATOM aggregator & bookmarks manager. [PR5]
Filangy [PR5]
Flikr - social bookmarks for photos [PR8]
Furl - this is similar to Similar to [PR8]
GetBoo - [PR1]
Gibeo - [PR6]
GiveALink - bookmarks for academic research [PR4]
GoKoDo MyBookmarks [PR4 - MAIN SITE]
GoobToob - Video clips, vote your favorite videos to the top, and submit new video clips.
Google Notebook
H2O Playlist - [PR6]
Hotlist Anywhere - [PR5]
Hot Links - [PR6]
Hyperlinkomatic - [PR5] - [PR 3]
IceRocket - [PR7]
IndiaGram (Also has a voting system like [PR4]
Indiamarks (Bookmarking site dedicated to Indian community) [PR2]
Jots [PR6]
Kaboodle - [PR6]
Kinja - Blog bookmarking & aggregation service [PR 7] and - German Internet Bookmarking Service [PR3]
Lilisto -[PR3]
linkaGoGo - [PR7]
linkfilter - [PR6]
linkroll - - [PR6]
LibraryThing - for books - [PR7]
Linux Bookmarks (LQ) - Bookmark, tag, annotate and share links to Open Source and Linux related sites - - [PR7]
ListMixer - [PR6]
Listible - [PR2]
Lookmarks (beta) - search & share bookmarks - [PR5]
Ma.gnolia - [PR5]
Maple - [PR6]
Mecanbe - - [PR 6]
memestreams - [PR 5]
Millions Of Games - casual games, tagged, rated and bookmarked by hundreds of users daily - [PR 5]
MotorKen - [PR 5]
MyProgs - Social bookmarking for the programs that you personally use, etc. - [PR 6]
Netvouz - [PR 6]
Network Menus - - [PR 4]
Newsvine - [PR 7]
NowPublic - [PR 6]
O Y A X - bookmarking service with groups - [PR 4]
PeerMark - [PR 4]
RawSugar - [PR 6]
Reader² - [PR 6]
Reddit - [PR 7]
Rojo - [PR 7]
Rollyo - [PR 6] - social bookmark service for locations. - [PR 5]
Save Your Links - [PR 5] - [PR 6]
Scuttle - Download the script and start a bookmarking service. Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online.
Segnalo - Italian Social Bookmarking - [PR 5]
Shadows - [PR 7]
Shoppersbase (Bookmarking website for online shoppers)
Shoutwire - [PR 5]
Simpy - offers Social bookmarking with tagging & full-text searching. - [PR 6]
SiteJot - [PR 5]
sitetagger - [PR 2]
Slashdot - [PR 9]
Smarking - [PR 5]
Spurl - stores copies of the pages saved. - [PR 6]
Squidoo - General topics [PR 5]
Start Aid - [PR 5]
Start - General by Microsoft [PR 7]
Social Bookmarking (Provides users with a personal social bookmarking sub-domain)
Sync2It’s BookmarkSync - [PR 5]
Tab Marks - [PR 5]
taghop - [PR 4]
Tagsy - [PR 3] - [PR 5- main site]
TailRank - [PR 6] - [PR 4]
Technorati - [PR 8]
Tutorialism - Bookmarking website for tutorials
uLinkx - Social Video/Music Bookmarking
unalog - open source book marking software - [PR 5]
URLBlaze - url sharing tool. - [PR 3]
URLex - bookmarking & RSS feeds - [PR 4]
Wazima - [PR 5]
Web Feeds - [PR 5]
Wink - General social bookmarking + Search engine [PR 6]
Wiklink - Tool for use to synchronize bookmarks with your browser.
Wists - Shopping links, Visual bookmarks, wishlists and also photoblogs. [PR7]
World Wide Wisdom - [PR 5]
wURLdBook - [PR 5]
Yahoo! My Web - General bookmarking + sepcialty feeds + Available in many languages [PR 7]
Yoono - [PR 6]
Youtube - [PR 6]
Yummy! Social PDF Library - Bookmark and find PDFs and print them too! - [PR 5]
Zaadz - [PR 6]

From: ... -page-rank
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saxena wrote:
How does social bookmarking works ??

Please let me know.

It is essential to get links to your site. Any kind of link helps but the best kind of link is a one way link that points to your site and doesn’t require you to reciprocate which what this list is all about.
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^ Also, social bookmarking helps rake in visitors especially if what you bookmarked is something really interesting. Social bookmarking can bring in lots of traffic.
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Submit to Web Directories:
Do slow and continuous directory submissions for your site. This is an important long term work and solution for any site. Start doing directory submission from the very first day you site is up. Here are few free, non-reciprocal directories: 9 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

I have a long list of directories. See list of free, non reciprocal directories.
(I am listing few sites here to make sure this thread does not go very lengthy)

Reciprocal Link Building:
Contacting webmasters of relevant sites requesting for have a link exchange. Write personalized emails to request for link exchange. It will be better if you write 2-3 good things about their site and tell them how link exchange will benefit both parties. Also, mentioning good qualities and PageRank is always good idea.

Do not forget to ask and give (1) URL of link, (2) Title of link, and (3) Description of Link

Now, main thing is How to find good link partner. Search google and other search engines for terms like: “keyword reciprocal links”, “keyword links”, “Keyword link exchange”, “keyword link submit”, “Keyword link partner” etc.

I came across few tools for searching link partner:
Link Partner Finder - from 4th media.
Find Link Partners – from zebonline

Few other tools which you may find helpful are:

Link Popularity Check - quick and easy to use web tool from Marketleap.
Arelis Link Builder - reciprocal links solution from Axandra/Voget Selbach Enterprises GmbH
Zeus Internet Robot - automatic reciprocal link generator and link directory creator from Cyber-robotics.
OptiLink Software is a link analysis program that reveals how top ranked pages achieved their search engine rankings.

Article Submissions:
Yeah, write quality articles which have some interesting and useful stuff, and submit them to free article directories.

You need to put link back to your site. Let your article do double duty- (1) bring traffic and (2) link building. You need to make your keywords anchor of link to your site.

To be very frank, I see quick results when I succeed to place my 2-3 articles on high PageRank and high traffic sites. Some times we need to submit article like submission to directories and sometimes we need to request webmaster via e-mail. You need to tell them why they should put your article on their site.

I have well refined list of article directories with me, and I can share the list with you. Few examples of article directories are: 5 5 7 6 5 6 5 4 5 5 4 6 6 5 4 5 4 4 4 4

You can see the complete list of article directories.

Submit Press Releases:
Write press releases about your site or a section of your site and submit them to press release distribution services.

Here are few sites which you may find good enough - (small contribution) -

Social Networking / Social Group Sites:
Social networking sites like are very useful these days to not only get links but also huge traffic. One more benefit of being active is you get thousands of friends to make and then convert them into your customers.

Participating in social group / networking sites are proving boon now a days. There are scores of such sites available these days. People are making money by selling the list if their friends at those site. This is a great way to have links and traffic.

Participation in Link Programs:
There are some good link programs in which you help others to get them link and other help you. Following are few good ones to join.

I also recommend Co-op Advertising Network of DigitalPoint
All are free, enjoy using them.

Link from .org and .edu sites:
The education and organization sites are considered more valued sites and links coming from those sites are valuable link. You need to search those sites.

Just find out some forums and blogs of the organizations and education body which have content relevant to your site. Make blog comments and put links in them, make sure your comment is genuine and not spam. Read the whole topic and find something to comment on the topic… job is done.

Same way leave your links in forums signature. There is few hot topics on forum signature telling importance at seo point of view and traffic point of view. Go ahead and do it, you’ll make valuable links.

You can do the blog comment and forum sign at non .org and no .edu sites.

Social Book marking Site Submission:
This is somewhat new thing we in industry. Now a day’s people are taking interest in social bookmarking. So, I thought I should start the service of social bookmarking. Yeah, it is worthy enough to pay someone to do social bookmarking.

For those who are new to it, in social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources, which they find useful. These lists are accessible to the public for their views and comments. This became a great seo technique now.

Here are few good social bookmarking sites: 8 8 6 7 8 6 5 0 3 5 4 4 1 0 0 0 4 4 0 0

You can see the my list of One Hundred Bookmark sites.
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Social bookmarking really helps your site gain more free traffic. Through posting interesting stories in these sites, visitors will become attracted to visit the link.
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thanks for the links...
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You may check these blog directories
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Here's hundreds of social bookmark list
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Try this sites:


Top 500 SB: ... -3548.html

hop e this help :D
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Hey I share to you this couple of a list. Check out this link. I'm sure it will help you.
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I share to you this 100 do follow blogs with a high pr. Here's the link.
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Sweet, another addition to my growing list.
Thanks for the share, everyone!

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