What's better: more PR/Link Popularity OR more index pages?

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I would like to buy 'text link ad' on someone's else Web site. My link will be placed on all pages of particular Web site. Therefore I am wondering what is better for my search engine optimization (building back links, PR, etc.) - 2 scenarios:

1. Placing my link on a PR 5 Web site with 17,500 pages indexed with google & 529,781 back links (= link popularity) OR

2. Placing my link on a PR 3 Web site with 224,000 pages indexed with google & 150, 204 back links (= link popularity)

Regarding my opinion Scenario 2 will create me much more back links (224,000 pages) to my Web site, but Web site Scenario 1 has a higher PR & Link Popularity!!

What is your opinion Here? Which Web site should I choose for my 'text link ad' to buy?

Let me know...

Many thanks! :)
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I don't pretend to know a lot about google, but from what I have learned here, I can offer the following (anyone else feel free to correct me):
I think google cares more about relevance now than raw number of links or PR of the linking site (though pr probably factors in). For instance, getting your link on a related site with decent(but much lower) backlinks may do you more good than getting it on one of these (which may not be related to your site at all).

I think I also read on here somewhere that a dramatic increase in backlinks is seen as spam in google, and may penalize your site.

Anyway, hope this helps, and if anyone sees anything wrong in what I said, please correct me.
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"I think I also read on here somewhere that a dramatic increase in backlinks is seen as spam in google, and may penalize your site. " ...I'll second that....make sure you know who you're getting your links from. Do a check on other sites that have links from these sites as well....how do they rank...not just PR but actual results...do they rank high for the terms in their title tag?

You might be better off only getting links from some of the top level pages in the site...they will have the highest PR and will be crawled more frequently and will appear more natural than links from every page in the site.

Ask yourself...When was the last time you added a link to every page in your site...just because you though it was good content and your visitors might like??
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You are approaching it the wrong way. The question you should be asking of each site is how many visits, and how many unique visits they get on a daily/monthly basis, and if the have it available and are willing to share it an average page impressions on any existing ads they might have.

This is the information essential to you if you plan to advertise. Not PR or backlinks. Think about it. What good is PR or backlinks if people don't see or click your ad? And you have to have traffic to do that. The more the merrier, as they say. It would also help if your ad is relavent to the content of the site. For example, say one website you're considering is a computer gaming site and the other one is a hunting site and you're selling Playstations. Which one makes the most sense to put your ad on?

Think about Google Adsense. The whole purpose is to expose ads relevent to the content of the site (or even a given page) Make "sense"?

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