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I am wondering on new terms what I am hearing about "Linkwheel" Link building, I searched web on it and saw one picture explaining how Link is developed for the main website.

In the process they were showing to create Squidoo lenses with unique content and inter-linking them with different Web2.0 Blogs and social sites and then connect that Squidoo lenses to the main website.. Well I understood this much apart.

I just want to know through the discussion that is it a legitimate ways to build links? Yesterday on webmasterworld forum I read that this kind of link building is not legit and can be caught by Search Engine Bots and can leads to getting Banned.

So i wana know how far it’s true? How far it should be done?
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Hi Mike! It involves networking. To be more precise link wheel works like this - You have your money site, let's call it site A. Your site has a link pointing to site B then site B points to site C then it points to site D then (it can go as many as you can) then finally back to your money site, site A, forming a wheel pattern.

You will get inbound links in this technique but the problem is, Google and other search engines may see the trick you are doing and your money site might be penalized and the others in the wheel might get hurt, too.

I don't recommend doing this, legit. link building is still advised.

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