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Hello :D
Below is something I would like to post but I don't know if I can, If I can
post this ,would you let me know where thank you.

On another site I am a memeber of, one of the Admins developed a cool tool called About:buster here is an overview of it and it is free for download. Please let him know what you think of it.

As you may have heard the About:Blank res:// variant of Cws has been a real pain. You may also have heard of a program called About:Buster made by me. You've probably avoided using it as you had not known what it was. It was not a real successful fixer on the beginning. But after 24 updates and a hell of a lot of hours put into it, the program has become extremely successful. 1.24 was finished today. It had cleared me several times (i reinfected many times).

I would like to thank many people for help with this removal.

How to use. Simply download it from my signature. Unzip it to your desktop. Fix all random 04's and the random bho in Hijack This. Note: Fixing the R0's and R1's is not necessary. Then run About:Buster. Hit Ok on the first prompt, Start on the second. Then Ok to start the removal. A log will start to form. After the program runs. Save the log somewhere. If a helper at this forum asks you for a report, that is what he/she means.

If the fix above does not work - It is because the files that have been removed are noticed by other files and new files are created to replace them. That is why you must boot into safe mode by tapping F8 several times when the computer is first booting. Then run the program. This will cause no processes to start and communicate.

For anyone who cares. The program was created in Visual Basic 6. So if there are any errors saying missing a file. Please download the Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files and install them.

Well good luck. Please send any bug reports and suggestions to the e-mail address located in the program.

The update after it will fix the shell.dll problems people are having.

Even though some experts still do not support this fix. It is so far the most effective way to fix this Cws. It has been mentioned on many forums. (atri's, sub's, pchell, swi, tomcoyote .. ).

Reinstalling Internet Explorer will Not fix this problem.

I thank you again for listening. Good luck on fixing your Cws variant.

Id like to thank BoBo for mentioning this point. - About:Buster works on all Windows versions. Depending on the OS the hijack is harder to remove. On 98 it seems to hit harder. On Xp it isn't very hard to remove.

Download About:Buster and unzip it to your desktop. Start it, hit Ok, Start, And Ok again to start the scan. It will generate a log. Post that log along with a new Hijack this log in post you came from.

Download Site

His Forum's Site
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I guess this post should go to windows forum.

Unfortunately enough I just had to use hijackthis to get rid of some really clever spyware that would not go away nomatter what I did. Adaware and Search and Destroy both failed. It was only after running hijackthis I could figure out which dll files were causing the problems and rewriting the registry entry even after deleting them manually numerous times. My home page was hijacked and there was unusal network traffic, possibly stealing my keystrokes!? I don't know about about:blank, but I would recommend hijackthis to anyone whose homepage gets hijacked by some stupid active-x control.

Turn off your active-x install on demand if you don't really need it explicitly.

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