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I made a site and submitted it to some of the search engines. For simplicity, let's assume that my site is dedicated to "My Company". When I perform a search with the keywords "My Company", I want the main page of my site (index.htm) to appear first in the results list. But, for some reasons, when I perform a search using these keywords, the search engines display some other pages from my site which I don't really want to be displayed first, or which I consider irrelevant. Is there is a way to tell search engines to always display my index page first?

Thank you.
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Better use of content and keywords. SE's don't do what you *think* is right, they do what looks right to them. Apparently, whatever pages are showing up have better content and keyword density than the pages you want to show up. To solve that, fix your index and make it more relevant to the keywords you are targeting.
Either way, getting people to your site is a good thing. If they are landing on the wrong page, make it easy for them to get to your main page.

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