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I'm about to launch a UK-based website that, hopefully, will feature Adsense. But, having looked through the web, I'm finding out that it's a bit of a minefield. Therefore, I'm hoping that someone might be able to answer the following questions...

1) Can I run Adsense alongside Pay-Per-Sale ads from the likes of Trade Doubler? Are there any other companies you can recommend that offer managed (and not contextual) PPM or PPC advertising?

2) As I'm based in the UK, I'm worried that ads won't be relevant to US-based visitors (which will make up a large chunk of my readership). Does Adsense target ads per region - so will I get UK ads for UK visitors and US ads for US visitors?

3) I'm thinking of directly linking to files from sites offering free music and video downloads (legal). Will that be a problem? What about if I just link to the site itself and not the individual file?

Many thanks in advance for your help.javascript:emoticon(':D')

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There are a few other advertising programs that adsense don't allow you to run on the same page. According to thier ToS they say you cant run "competing contextual adverts", But other people have got emails from adsense saying they can't run adverts that are not competing contextual adverts, But look similar to adsense.
So for this it would be best to contact adsense and ask them.

Adsense ads will be displayed to people based on thier country. So if your site is UK based and you live in the UK you will get UK adverts. But if an American goes to your site adsense will detect that they are in america and give them american based adverts. The same will happen for other countries too.

Adsense terms says you can't display adsense on pages (or sites i think) that have music and video downloads. (makes me wonder what they will do about the adsense adverts on youtube then)
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as long as the other ads are not contextual it s ok to have them along with adsense on the same page ..but if they are generated based on the content of the page then adsense doesn t allow you to use them on the same page can use them on the same website though ... good luck

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