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Post 3+ Months Ago

For the longest time I had a label/tag widget on my blog and I also displayed the labels/tags on each post.

After awhile I decided to look at the statistics for the result pages those label/tag links pointed to.
It wasn't much, maybe half of them were being clicked a total of 1-3 times a month.

So I removed the label/tag displays, for awhile. I figured the bandwidth/load-time they required wasn't worth what they were producing.

Recently I heard about Kontera & about a week ago I added their keyword linker to my blog posts. So far it hasn't been doing bad at all, it's doing better than Adsense really.

Now by now you might be thinking what I'm thinking, I have labels/tags, which are basically keywords to begin with, which really aren't doing anything on their own. And I've got something that turns keywords into PPC advertisements.

Bingo !

I already turned the display of the labels/tags back on within the blog posts themselves after modifying the template to just output the words in a labels/tags section of the post without linking them to the post search. And Kontera is linking some of the labels/tags already.

I plan on going back over my blog posts and seeing which words are being linked within the posts themselves and adding them to the labels/tags for the post.

I also plan on placing the label/tag cloud widget that's shown on every page back on the page, but I need to modify it to output only words without linking them to the search first.

I'll definitely have to give some thought to not having too many labels/widgets though. I don't want that cloud getting uncontrollable.

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