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Yes, i know how sus that title is, but it's basically the program that i'm running for any and all websites that want to participate.

To save you the trouble of going to some other random site, i've quoted it here, though remember that it was originally posted at another site

Hello everyone!

As many of you may already know, ByetHost is making it's own affiliate program that will allow everyone to get free advertising from any site on the internet just by putting a small ad, smaller than either Google’s adsense or byethost's own ads. It will also be image run by small 88px by 31px images, plus a incredibly small link, that will allow people to redirect to your site from other popular sites.

What we are wanting to do is to start this off by having a beta period. In the beta period anyone can participate by putting these small ads at anywhere inside their site and reporting back to us, by either PMing me or sending an email to

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<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Currently, only the sites that are in the Toplist that have images that are the right size are participating, but if anyone would like to participate, which i would encourage (because of the free advertising of course ), could you please provide your email address, website name and website address by either PMing me or sending an email to If you have any other queries you can also access me by those access points.

Again i would like to encourage you to help with this to make it really popular.

Also, on a side note, anyone who starts to use this program in the beginning beta period will also be eligible to extra features when they come out without having to have the hassle of going through any process that will be needed to register your site or any other long and irritating thing

I've currently starting an advertising website so i kinda quite a few people to start joining. It's going to be different to the current Google Adsense or any other one because it's going to be free for basic viewing and it's going to be majority image based. There's going to be heaps of features that you usually don't see on any other advertising site, like image manipulation for quick advertising and you can arange multiple ads for your site without having to spend about half an hour trying to arrange everything

Those who know me when i was a frequent poster on this forum know that i'm pretty proficient at what i do and that it'll be a good thing to do for easy and free advertising

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Interested, but is this basically a mini banner exchange?
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Vincent, you are always welcome to post your site in your sig. You are aware of our rules, I'm sure.

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