I Want help to be a part of best inner circle and forums.

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Hi guys (and gals) ... I just joined this forum.

I'm not much a lurker so I wanted to jump in here right away.

This stuff is all new to me. I've owned a commercial pipe laying business in the past but never did anything online.

I want to learn all this REALLY quick.

I'm exploring the idea of a quality MLM program, affiliate opportunities and other internet marketing ventures.

Besides this forum... do you have other sites you'd recommend for MLM, affiliate or internet marketing?

Other forums would be best IF they have a smart crowd with useful input. I like interacting with people and asking them questions.

On that note, any quality coaching programs or private forums and private memberships (I really believe in masterminds and inner circles) that you can recommend?

I don't want to just buy ebooks as it's a one-sided way of learning...

But I'd REALLY APPRECIATE your input on:

- forums ... especially private forums and related memberships
- coaching / mastermind / inner circle programs
- seminars / workshops

Can you suggest anything??
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Tom_Rasi wrote:
I'm exploring the idea of a quality MLM program

Whoops! There's a great big whopping error in logic, IMO. :)

Multi Level Marketing is almost always a scam. Not always for customers or clients but for the foolish individuals on the bottom rungs who eagerly sign up for get-rich-quick-with-no-real-effort schemes.

If you're really interested in a quality business (i.e. quality product and/or service) you should be looking at a reseller program where you actually support your resellers in a quality fashion. Not just a pyramid scheme where you're having them compete with each other for a thin market space.

Take hosting, for example. It works out well for the customers only as far as price goes, but not so much for quality of support, product, etc. The sellers on the bottom of the hosting food chain are the ones who take the proverbial bath and become annoyances to each other and the rest of the world. Not much quality to be had there, IMO.

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