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Should you have a landing page for pay per click advertising?

    1- No; home page should be able to generate sales from the traffic it receives.
    2- Yes; home page is not suitable for the pay per click traffic.

Landing Page vs. Home Page!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Most experienced internet marketers say that if you advertise in pay per click search engines, you should have a landing page for driving the pay per click traffic to it. This landing page is different from home page and should be just focused on selling the product whereas the home page should be optimized for search engines and so is not good in generating sales.

They say home page is not a suitable page to drive the pay per click traffic to it and you waste money if you do that. It means a page that is optimized for search engines can not generate sales.

I don't agree with this idea because if optimization disables the home page to sell the products to the visitors, so the traffic it receives from search engines, will be useless. So why should we optimize it?

What do you think?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Your whole site can be landing pages. Your ppc ad should always go directly to the page that is most relevant to the ad. It could be the homepage, it could be a landing page.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I think that the terminology is where the glitch is. If landings are successful for anything with higher conversion rates, then it is a key.

Many core website pages need volume to mave syntax targets, in enough volume and mix, to hopefully, mathemativcally dispersed, match a searchers query syntax with enough commons to get a high return.

A landing does not, though they have, their focus is conversion.

So, since I'm evolving in this and trying to get good results for serious clients, I impement a site with volume, then slice it back, and drop the volume into the site map or RSS after a traffic increase is established, which leads me to the experimental conclusion:

Make your whole site's core face to the world, with the main concepts of conversion landings:
1. Easy eyeballing: Flow obvious
2. Simplicity: Concise messaging
3. Experimentation: Path(s) of least resistance or gravitational pull.

Then there is no difference between the two, except of course landings can them be applied more broadly, and are less intensive to develop on any successful themes out there.

Or, not, LOL
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Post 3+ Months Ago

vetofunk sounds like the voice of experience.

I'm a new SEM/online marketer. Everything I know at this point. Is mainly just book learning and from researching and reading until my eyes bleed. With that disclaimer made. My opinion on it though ?

I would lean towards using a landing page tailored for what you're trying to do. The adwords quality score thingamajig. Plus if people are looking for something specific ( whatever it is.) You want to take them to that ASAP. Let them know immediately they're in the right place, before they hit the back button.

If you offer me something ... I want it NOW !!! Don't want to have to click around your site for 20mins trying to find what you said I'd find if I clicked your link. Worse yet imo, the people who mislead people and don't produce anything of value.

People have the attention span of fruit flies nowadays. :D

So make whatever area on the net you take that PPC traffic to ... "sticky". That's what you're paying CPC for in the first place. To get targeted traffic for something. I never click on paid links. I'll cut and paste the URL.

Cause I know some poor marketer is paying the mighty internet gods every time I click their links. Google/binghoo and facebook don't need any more money. They have more than enough already.

When someone get's the experience. Im sure they can get away with much a newb like myself can't afford to try. Would love it if some of the SEO/SEM people with experience under their belts. Would share some of their experience or good resources and course materials with a newb like me.

Again though, just my opinion, but streamline the process as much as you can. Taking PPC traffic to the right spot online mucho important me thinks. If that's a landing page great, if it's the right page on your site, great too.

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