Overture & WordTracker.. ANY input, please

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What's the difference between Overture & WordTracker?

1. Overture is NOT a part of google, does that mean Overture will NOT keep track of search behavior from google?
In other words... are all the overture's stats from the keywords (how popular my key words are) excludes google?

2. What are the differences between WordTracker & Overture?

3. When I do some key words search, sometimes I see a great deal of differences in numbers, sometimes over 1000% difference. Why is that?

I did searches on "Baby food" "ski lift" "tax law"...
When I did a search on "Tax law" I saw a huge difference... why is that?

ANY input will be appreciated, thank you very much.

FYI: I have purchased 1 month service at WordTracker
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Post 3+ Months Ago

1/ Overture gets it's count from the searches through it's pay per click ads. Does not include anything but Overture.

2/ Wordtracker usually shows a big difference, count wise. The numbers are usually much smaller to the point I don't really trust it. The nice thing about Wordtracker it shows plural/singular results, where as Overture, in most cases, combines them.

3/ I really don't know

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