PPC Ads Ranking Through Quality Score

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Pay per click (PPC) adverts are ranked according to certain criteria set by the PPC search engines. Google does the same with its ads. It has a ranking algorithm that determines the ranking and placement of an advert in the PPC listing.

PPC Adverts’ Ranking Algorithm

Adverts are ranked based on two main factors: cost per click (CPC) and click through rate (CTR). Cost per click refers to the amount that an advertiser pays for every click that the ad receives. Click through rate, on the other hand, refers to the clicks that an ad receives.

Cost per click and click through rate determine the ad’s quality score for a particular keyword or search term. PPC search engines use these factors to decide whether an ad should be placed on the top of the PPC list. Higher CPC and CTR contribute to the high ranking of an advert.

Quality Score And Pay Per Click

Achieving good quality score should be part of any PPC campaign objectives. Quality score can drastically improve the performance of a PPC campaign. When ads are ranked high on the PPC listing, it will receive more clicks. It is important though that the ads’ quality score is maintained or better yet, improved.

If the ads’ receive higher click through rate, its ranking will be increased yet the cost per click remains the same. This means you will be paying less per click. The click through rate also expresses the relevance of the ad for a particular keyword or search term.

Improving Quality Score

Because quality score is important, advertisers should always make efforts to improve it. What can advertisers do to help perk up quality score? Here are some few tips to improve quality score:

* Ads should be attention grabbing, relevant and unique. It should be one that arouses the curiosity and interest of online users.

* Increase the bids for the keywords. The bids need not be too high. But bid enough to get the ads on a better ranking position.

* Use keywords in the ads. Keywords will help the ads target and attract the right market. Clicks from unresponsive users don’t have much value so it is important that the ads are highly targeted and optimised.

* Always have a number of ads running. This way you will be able to compare one ad from the others. Maintain the high performing ads and get rid of the poor ones.

These tips will help increase the quality score. Improving the quality score is not an overnight achievement. It takes efforts and time to achieve high quality score. These tips will be useful to advertisers who wish to get maximum benefits from their PPC campaigns by improving quality score.

Article Author: Ring John
Article Source: Depositarticles.com
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Not everything is correct in this article. By increasing Quality Score of your ads (optimising them) you are supposed to pay less for the higher position not more. So you CPC should decrease. Higher bid has nothing to do with Quality Score (please read Google tutorials). You can't buy Quality Score but have to work on it.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

It was just copied from somewhere else anyway. It's not even his/hers/its.

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