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PPC Vs Paid Inclusion

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Post 3+ Months Ago

You know that paying for advertisment online nowadays, has become a huge expense. Especially if you are advertising with the big guys, where a lot of competitions exists.

What if i told you that PPC above, gives 50% real clicks and the rest are fake (Because some people manipulate these services to make money).

e.g. Say that mike is a property developer in Cyprus and paying for the keyword "Cyprus developers" $1.00 per click just to be on position 5 or 6. John on the other side has a website that refers to Cyprus developers. John can choose to display these ads on his website and get a share of the profit when someone clicks. Well, it is expected that John will notify all his friends to click on his ads, so he will get some money. Mike now has paid $50.00 for 50 clicks of which 25 where johns friends.
Now on the other side, i've found that the so called ISEDN created a product that is cost effective and performance effective. ISEDN stands for Individual Search Engines and Directory Network. they gathered 300+ search engines and directories, which are scattered around the world, Uk, Germany, Usa, Australia e.t.c., and created a network, and a common product.

they took the advantages of PPC with keyword targeting, and the advantages of paid inclusion and created the perfect product. Now you can get those expensive keyword based ads, for a small fixed fee per year. So you realise that click fraud has no longer a purpose to be performed, because they don't charge by clicks. It doesn't matter if you get 100 clicks or 100000 clicks, the price is still 36.00 usd per year per keyword. for example: Is a Search Engine, as well as and many others. (about 225+) members of the ISEDN, You may review the common product at this page .

Just to review all the above stated, what they are offering is a choice. You can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a 50% real outcome or $36.00 usd per keyword for a whole year, for 95% real outcome, and appear not only in one, but 225+ search engines and directories, members of the ISEDN, for the keyword or keywords you choose.

personally, i found that this might be the solution to click fraud, eventhough i don't think the big guys will ever join such think as they will simply loose their monopoly.

Check it out.

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