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Here's the scenario. I have an advertising system for my website which displays targeted buttons to visit related websites.

I want to allow advertisers to purchase credits for this system - each worth 1000 ad appearances or 1 visitor. I wish to allow them to choose how many credits they want to purchase from a drop-down menu.

Thats all fine - I could wire it up somehow with the variables that get sent to the PayPal site. But where are visitors sent after they have paid and how can I have their account balance updated automatically once payment is received?
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I think this is more of a development question. With PayPal, once the customer makes a purchase in the PayPal system the final step offer a link to "Return to merchant". It's small and tucked off to the side. If the customer clicks this link they are returned to your website and you can determine what you want the link to be. To fix your problem, you would include an identifying variable as part of a query string inside the URL. This would tell you that the order is complete and so you can give the customer whatever the purchased. Just keep in mind that a lot of visitors don't read so about 5% will not click the "Return to merchant" link. This means you'll get an email from PayPal about a purchase and then you'll have to manually match it with a customer/order.

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