Revenue Science - Anyone else use it?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Am I the only one on this planet that uses REVENUE SCIENCE?

They are just like Google(tm), but I cannot find another soul who uses it?

Very Decent setup, they have some work to do on their ad infrastructure, but other than that, well-done.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Is it cost effective adverstising? Are you advertising in a branding type style or are using direct marketing. Direct meaning you expect action or a return from the visitors.

Google is to rich for my blood. How do they compare?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

PHP_Guru wrote:
They are just like Google(tm), but I cannot find another soul who uses it?

Interesting. I didn't see a single resemblance to Google. In fact other than to contact a sales rep, I couldn't figure out how to get their ads up on one of my websites for free like Google does.

Sorry if I'm going to sound a bit harsh here, but when I read your post, first thing I did was copy and paste your link into a browser and look at the site. Next thing I did was a whois lookup to find out how long they've been around - April 2003 (3 years) Compared to Google September 1997 (almost 10 years).

Then i realized their name servers were listed as owned by Ever check out their website? I may not consider myself the best webpage designer in the world, but considering they have been around since 1998 (nearly as long as Google, one would think their site would be more "dynamic" so to speak.)

What I find most interesting is this quote from's main page

Please note that easyDNS™ does not provide web site hosting services.

So if they don't provide web hosting services and revenue science has them listed as their name servers, then where is revenue science actually hosted? Somebody's personal computer?

I'm sorry if I come accross as a bit harsh, but there's a whole lot of questions there.

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