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Good Idea ?


Search engine/Ads/SEO : Good Business Idea ?

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I looked for companies selling guarantee traffic from SEM (from the "free natural results").
But I didn't find

For example, I am a movies company with a new film. I want pay 500 000$ for
500 000 targeted visitors from search engine (6 months before the release).
A small shop, want to pay 500$/month for 2000 targeted visitors from google (from "free" natural results) .

There is a demand and no good offers like this are proposed

I think there are few reason :
1) Complicated to predict traffic.
2) A high risk to be not paid (or not refunded).
3) SEM company are afraid to work for free.

1) If the goal is not achieved, the client can buy higher price PPC with the budget (So this pay for the risk).

2 and 3) It should a company in a middle (an ebay for SEM auction). The customer could be refunded. The SEM is guarantee to be paid. And it will be an anti-fraud system. And the terms should be fair from both the customer and the SEM (Not too short term, not too long term,...).

The company in the middle could take 15 or 20%.

In some niche the budget can very important (2000$/1000) and the SEM pretty easy (It is long tail).

Is there already someone doing something like this ?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

No, it's just no one can guarantee anything in the search engine world. If they do, they are lying.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

It will be no traffic guarantee.
But you will only pay for what you order.

The company will be in middle to check statistics, avoid fraud and default payment.

Example :
Customers will place some bids like this :
- Website :
- Price per click : 0.15$
- Maximum volume paid : 1 000$/month
- Key words : football, game, fun....
- Number of months : 6 months

A provider will do the job.
30 000 visitors come from search engines (natural results with the good theme).
The customer pays 4500$.

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