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At times we have to watch television commercial view of a force without pay us anything for it and do not get paid unlike the light we eat to have the TV on during that time.

Also, at times by anyone surfing the internet gives us nothing can not be seeing ads that are displayed on the various pages we visit. sometimes even to lose many hours or be playing or watching nonsense.

The fact is that for some time over here, by clicking here clicking there, I discovered some sites that pay you to you to see your advertising and get to find out and register at some sites, I have some extra money for me as I browse without invest at most 20 to 30 minutes.

Is that these sites are recorded, den click on the pages that they suggest and the money begins to be credited to our account, the same as after build up this particular balance is deposited to a paypal account that we have previously been opened for download the wool.

I'll have now accumulated over 500 dls valid and will have made my first 5 dollars.
here I leave these sites to check it, is as easy as opening an email address.
patience and a little, but when you least expect it and there is good wool cast for him just click on ads they do not suggest. And if it came to invite people given commission for each guest. Try it and see.
sites other than these are fraud and proven, so I recommend these that I have good drafts.

And here I send these sites for checks

http://www.richptc . com / index.php? ref = pelisdiaz

This link gives you a dollar for every click that you give to an ad, you have to join a thousand to get it send to your paypal account. but only gives you 5 to 7 dollars a day if you can gather more referrals. I have more than 500 dlls already accumulated. It is very reliable and if you pay.

http://es.beruby . com/promocode/uwCFL9

this one is in Spain, you pay in Euros and is very reliable too. Although minimadre gives you a per click you give, not take over 10 minutes just click on your ads and if you get the balance when you least expect it, and you need not have much accumulated balance to begin to settle you.
obviously if you have guests, you get what they clickien as in other sites.

http://B-U-X . net /? r = pelisdiaz2

The advantage of this site is that it gives many ads to click daily and give you pay better than others but it is still effective and very easy to carry. Here you are paid from 5 dlls, which incidentally I already could download for me my first 5 dollars.

http://www.neobux . com /? r = joselodiaz

This site is one of the most recommended and prestige that the network is very reliable and even pays a Daily minimadre if you sign up as premium or commission gives you have guests and is very strictly to sign up and has many safety locks, thus guaranteeing its reliability.

http://www.leepubli . com / Pages / index.php? refid = joselodiaz

And this other site that is from Spain, I brought you 2 euros for signing, is one of the most recommended sites as well, and has the advantage that sometimes sends you emails to open them with the difference of spam email is that for every that flatters you open them in your account balance, which gives you a minimadre but also for posting that visits them, is safe and very constant. Also right here is a section that automatically gives you points are redeemable for cash balance to your account. and also does not require much balance to begin to settle you to paypal.

For all these sites need to have or have opened a paypal account and an email account you want for it is there where you send your wool. and to sign up for all these sites is as easy as opening an email account.

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