What is up with my eCPM on Adsense?

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Ok, so I'm totally frusterated with Google right now. Our traffic has stayed the same (about 25,000 visitors a day and on weekends about 40,000+), no real decrease or increase, pageviews are the same and our "clicks" are the same also....give or take a few. We have an average of a 3.5% CTR....

So my question is, why is my eCPM so low? I mean, it's almost ALWAYS over $1.50 and in the peak season (for us us the summer) it gets up to $3 on a regular basis. Well, for the past two months it's been hovering around $0.90 which is super low and making my revenue suffer tremendously.

I contacted them and got a standard google answer that offered no real explanation. I also had a question about why (if Google's little formula for choosing ads to go on your site is so accurate adn advanced) why we are getting a lot of auto ads and things of that nature. We have a dress up game site for girls in the tween market (ages 6-16) and it's about fashion!

Any suggestions? I'm thinking of adding some different ads to my site also. Any thoughts on who would be second best to Adsense? They're really letting me down right now!
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you have to use filter adsense to exclude
sites that pay low (like MFA)


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