Advise to become a great photographer

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Hi everyone, I just bought myself a beginners digital camera to begin practicing my photo skills. It's a Canon Rebel XTi. What do you guys recommend is the best way for me to learn how to snap those perfect shots. I know practice makes perfect but what are some pointers you guys can give.

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This is a really broad question. I've learned by going out and making a lot of mistakes. For every 1 image that I really like, I've probably thrown away 10-15. The best advice I can give you is to use manual and take a ton of pictures. Look at pictures you really like that other people have taken, then try to duplicate it.

If you're struggling with the above, you may want to try a photography class at your local community college. They will give you a good understanding of photo technique, and give you assignments that span a variety of photography specialties so you find what you really like to do.
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Simply looking at your pictures after to see what would have made it better will make you think more as you take a shot. Also look at other people's photos and ask them how they achieved what they did.

Everything that Ishii said is also valid. Take LOTS of photos. I too throw away a fair few for every keeper.
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Takes lots of pictures, practice, get lots of feedback, and take lots of pictures.

Another thing you can do is look at what you feel are great photos and try to duplicate the effect or feel. I don't in any way suggest you plagiarize, but it's good practice in finding your own photographic "voice" by mimicking what you like.

Did I mention take a lot of pictures? ;)
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advice to become a GREAT photograher.


"Practice makes perfect." NO IT DOESN'T!!!

"PRACTICE MAKES .. .. ."better" !! (big difference)

hmmm. "shoot lots of snaps" or snap a lot of shots ha ha ha ha ha..

My shots are underneath my blue jeans and I use my snaps to close my pants.!!

There is nothing on any camera that requires the use of the word shoot

I personaly create images !! I have never shot a roll of film in my life. I have exposed film I have process film, I have even thrown film away but I have never shot film.

Advice on becoming a Great photographer


Ansel Adams once said: There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

My suggestion: first, study study images in books and magazines, chances are: they were taken by a pro.

Old issues of National Geographic will teach you the art of composition just by looking!! & careful study.

Photography is all about light and what you can do with your imagination and that light.

Learn how to create !!

Most people go out like they have a machine gun and blast away. and every ten thousand images they get lucky and get one.

I much prefer to act like a "sniper" one frame = one image.

To achieve this level of confidence requires much practice and you will become better, but not by next weekend. first you have to learn and recognize your mistakes and then do your best not to repeat them.

This is the ladder we all climb. some get up there faster than others. it took me 20 years!!!

that was 20 years ago !! ha ha ha ha ha ha.

What is a great photographer ???? ??? ???

well the bottom line is the most important aspect of any company or business.

how much money can you generate ? is that what makes a great photographer ????

how much exposure your images achieve ? Mine are sold in over 80 countries all over the world.

Am I great ? nope.. never had as much as one class in photography ever.

but I did make major bux with my camera, I haven't created images in almost 30 years, yet my images sell more and more each and every year. My children will be able to live quite comfortably on the sales generated by these images.

hmmm I don't know what it takes to become a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER. I guess you have to create great images.

that is all I suppose. Let your images do all the talking.

that is all it takes.

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I will be taking some dark photos, threatening types. I think taking photos of "things"/ people ? that interest you is a good start.

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