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Anolis sagrei, AKA Brown Anoli is an awesome little fellow.
They tend to hang out on or near the ground and they eat bugs, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies.

It's kinda fun to watch them sitting on something waiting for food, they'll turn their head and watch you too, waiting to see if you'll get too close before they take off. I don't know what whoever wrote on Wikipedia was thinking when they mentioned these things get used to people, I've lived around these lizards for more than 20 years and they still run from me. lol If you do manage to catch one it will play possum untill you lighten your grip, before springing back to life and jumping out of your hand.

Lately I've been watching them come out when the sprinklers come on, or when it rains. They seem to like the water. At first I thought they were just smart enough to realize that bugs don't like wet ground and will come out where it's easier, but I've found a few of the larger ones sitting in the same places where the sprinklers spray to, as if they're taking a shower or something. ants or other bugs could be crawling right in front of them and they just sit there in the water. they look kinda cool with water droplets all over them and their eyes squinted like they're getting a massage or something.

I've also discovered these guys are camera shy lately. For two days I tried to get close enough with my point-n-shoot in macro mode to get a half decent photo of them. It took me two days to get the one photo I did that isn't a blur of them running away.

I lucked out and found one of them getting ready to mate, rather than taking off he just did some lizard pushups and flashed his dewlap the the female that was about a foot away. she booked but he stayed.
Not only did I get a nice closeup photo, I just happened to click shoot as his dewlap was stretched out. :D

After I took this photo the other day I went to wikipedia and felt a little discouraged when I saw the photos they had there, but when I looked at the photo again today it looked as good as it did before I saw how much I suck at Wikipedia. lol

so without any further whatchamacallit, I give you Anolis Godzilla AKA Brown Anoli. :D


here's the image info for the raw file, though this stuff is pretty much all Greek to me. :D
Image Type: jpeg (The JPEG image format)
Width: 2272 pixels
Height: 1704 pixels
Camera Brand: FUJIFILM
Camera Model: FinePix A340
Date Taken: 2008:08:24 09:00:30
Exposure Time: 1/38 sec.
Aperture Value: 3.00 EV (f/2.8)
ISO Speed Rating: 100
Flash Fired: Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode.
Metering Mode: Pattern
Exposure Program: Normal program
Focal Length: 5.7 mm
Software: Digital Camera FinePix A340 Ver1.19
Copyright: 2008, Joe Kovar III
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In SC we get their cousins, green anoles, by the bucket loads.

Good shot!
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Excellent photo! For a second I had a fleeting hope that Axe had returned.
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Thanks guys ! :)

We get the Green Anolis in some parts around here in Florida. Some of the private communities in Tampa have a few running around, they get to be more common the further north you go.

Axe would be having a field day right about now if he was still in Florida, the babies started hatching not too long ago and there's babies running around everywhere.

Hopefully I can get at least one shot of a baby Anoli, they think they're little badasses and hop around with their mouth open like they're going to bite you. They stay still for less time than the grown ones do though.
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I own a leopard gecko if that counts? lol
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see them basking in the sprinkler :P

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