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So this really sucks but I went camping and someone in my group used my camera and left it on a camp chair and I didn't realize someone moved/took my camera until the next morning when I discovered through out the night is rained and I found my camera in a pool of water in the chair. The camera itself I'm taking to c.r.i.s. cam to have them check it out and dry it and if needed replace parts. what I'm wondering is does anyone know if a CF card gets wet if the information on it is safe or not. i blew it out and there was water in that as well I'm going to ask c.r.i.s. cam as well but the thought looms in my head making it hard to work.
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Yes, it should be OK. It is nothing more than a chip and some contacts. Just gently dry it out like you are doing before you plug it into anything and have the water inside short something out. DO NOT plug it into the camera! Use a card reader first and see if it can be read that way. Also, contaminants in the water are the major issue: Salt, sugar, anything that could carry an electrical connection across contacts. Make sure it was clean water, no contaminants such as sugar or salt that could carry an electrical signal across a connection. Rubbing alcohol displaces water. You could even dip it into that a gently dry it out. Using a hair dryer, very gently is also a helpful idea. Just don't overheat it. It should not be hot to the touch. I would do the alcohol and let it dry 3 days, plug it into a card reader. You should be fine.

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