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However cool this would be, it isn't true that Meerkats can take photographs... Story
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In his report, on The Guardian website, he adds: 'There was a glaring error in the story that picture editors should have spotted.'

:lol: times 20,000,000 :lol: :lol: dang. a "glaring error"? In the PICTURE? Maybe I have no faith in anything or maybe its something else but I would have spit in the face of the person who would have told me that meerkat's take photos :lol: I can't believe that they thought that animals are that intelligent. I'm not saying that they are not intelligent, I'm saying that they are not that intelligent.

:lol: that story just cracks me up... Hey, I should get a meerkat and get a life off photography that's not mine. I don't mean to say anything but I guess I'm saying something. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what it is. It's kind of mean... ...

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