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Hello everyone S.

Next week I will buy, in Barcelona, the Panasonic Lumix FZ18, and before doing so would appreciate some tips and observations. Consultations:

-- Rar Rar Rar: To begin, an issue which in stores do not know anything about anything: Consult the manual via Web Panasonic I could see that the world are 5 models in this chamber: GC, SG, PL, EG and E. The only thing that seems differentiation (after a fairly quick glance by the manual) is that some videotaped up to 15 minutes. and others are in the top 2 Gb, which eventually can double or even multiply (depending on image quality). Does anyone know what part of the camera or the box that these letters are different?

-- Second battery: What recommendations? (I have proposed or Varta Hama, both about 20 euros). (By price I do not want to buy an original.)

-- Target memory: I do not know whether to buy two cards SD 2 Gb either one of them and the other 4 Gb SDHC (I like Video cameras occasionally). Do you have idea of better or worse performances with one of two capacities or specific brands? I seem interesting "SanDisk Extreme III." (I called Panasonic and told me that it was imperative that were 20 Mb / s. It also "forced me" to be Panasonic original, but neither is why I want to pay brand.)

-- Instruction Manual: In one of the shops I've looked comes on CD, so what to consult this summer in the village need to photocopy their 173 pp. And I wonder: If I do it in B / W… Do sometime I do not understand something? (on the CD there are color photos of the menus on the screen, for example).

-- Filters: Let me give you one, more than anything to protect the goal and with the intention of leaving it always post. I think that is 46 mm., Right? What I was advised by experience?: Do Skylight or UV? (The polarizer, as always I do not like.) What querré quality glass (it seems that there are plastic). Will Marks OK?

-- Successful or kits: Are there any particularly recommended for the FZ18? I like small, in which it is simply the camera and, for example, a second card. (The second battery, a charger-or not-and take apart the parasol).

-- Shoot less than 8 MP: I have heard that these numbers sensor meter over 6 Mp (by the fabricannotes) involves generating noise image. If I make the photos to 5 or 6, for example,… Can I rid of it, or "the damage is already done"? (also prefer to pull 6 so as not to take so much disk space, and for that I can fit more on the card,… It seems that 6 are sufficient to use non-professional).

-- Expansion: My wife intends to make some additions to give as poster. She thinks about 100 x 70, but I think that with 8 Mp, with a sensor less than the SLR, will not suffice. What do you know the topic of asking laboratories to make an interpolated? Is it? Would that throw to 8 Mp, or with 6 suffice?

Many thanks in advance, and I hope that your answers are instructive for other current or future owners.

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