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Hello, I was wondering if you have any suggestions how to get the 1285 feed pages working. I get Error: Couldn't find any feed with the id 1. I can see their feeds.php are different but swapping that out doesn't help, I suspect the problem is in blogs.php a file I can't view on other sites. My sitemap page with the 1285 links is here

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http://www.arthritisnaturalpainrelief [dot] com/sitemap.php

any suggestions you might have to get this site working in full will be appreciated.Thanks,Nick
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There must be some MySQL problem. Make sure that your SQL logic is correct.

Seems like every article is ID 1 and you are trying to get to it, but there is no article with the ID 1 though.

Also, check the error reporting. Make sure it is reporting correctly. Sometimes, I would add something for troubleshooting and then when I fix the problem, I forget to remove the thing that I added, which leaves me wondering for 20 minutes. Small things are sometimes longest to fix.

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