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I am developing an application for Android. To get things started I am not a skilled developer and that is why I am using an SDK. I came across a page that provided me with relevant information about app development. There are code snippets that handle the physical buttons and the rotation features of the mobile devices. According to the page I am using the SDK and Adobe Flash Builder. As a novice developer I found the information on the page (if you are interested you can Google on "How to build an Android VoIP client - Ozeki") to be really useful and understandable. In my opinion this information might also be useful for other not so experienced developers. I only meant to give an advice with this post and certainly hope that others might also benefit from it.
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not personally made complete apps in code before but i did try the adobe flash version and it exported and worked fine for what i had so it is an alternative way but the best way is writing 100% code in the SDK as you know 100% what's there and not a generated one.

better customization and when you need to edit something you know where it is.

When you have trouble just post up about the function and see if it can not be worked out.

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