ASP debugger needed

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Post 3+ Months Ago

God, I didn't know if I should put this post here or in the google search forum. I'm looking for a freeware or Open Source ASP debugger. This shouldn't be difficult to find -- just type in "asp debugger" in google and I should have it, right? Nope -- the first 120 results all led to Team Research's ASP debugger.

Heck, I was happy when I clicked the first result for the trial version, and I'll be happy to spend the $39 bucks if I like it, but all the trial version download was is an executable that runs a powerpoint type presentation. Nothing to even try out.

They pissed me off so much with that little trick that there's no way, no how I would even consider it.

So, bottom line is does anyone know of a decent asp debugger besides that one?


Holy crap! Results :
261 - 263 of about 2,560. Search took 0.47 seconds

That's all it showed was 263 -- everything else was similar. And every one of them linked back to Team Research. That can't be the only ASP debugger out there!!! Can it?

What a fine job they did of spamming Google!

As an aside that, if anyone has found a good database editor (ASP version) equivalent to phpMyAdmin, I could use one of those too.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I typed in

asp debugger -team

to filter out all results with team. You can goto this link directly as well: ... gger+-team

I didn't go through many of the results but it might have better results for you. The first one I see is: ... er_ide.asp

I believe that is a different one, right?

Here is another: ... ugger.html

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