ASP: Dynamic form Lists and dependant text boxes?

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I am working on a site at the moment:

and I am having trouble with the ordering page. I would like a dynamic form list to look at a database and when the user selects a product code, the text boxes containing description and price change too to reflect the product code.

The user will be entering in their contact details, so I dont want the page to reload too because I will lose that info.

Please does anyone have any suggestions?

It is an attempt at a cheaper alternative to a shopping cart, the order is emailed to the admin once the form has been submited.

Thank You

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Well in order to do what you want you will most likely have to incorporate that within JavaScript. You wouldn't be able to access any databases with ASP without refreshing the page which means you would have to load up all the data within your page so that the JavaScript could dynamically change the fields when they enter a different product code. That would be the only way I think you could do it without having to refresh your webpage.
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you could refresh through a the post variables, and set the value of each field to the variable so it will re-enter the values

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