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Arun here, I have a problem with audio streaming and am not able to push any further forward ever since I was told that there needs a physical wave audio file to be existinq on the local/remote computer to have its wave data streaming in and out of my sound card buffer.

I seek a solution on Visual Basic 6.

My case is such that wave data will be sent to me over winsock in blocks of say 4k, 8k, 12k, 16k... I already know the file format, the sample rate, the bits per sample, the number of channels and other required information. All I need to do is receive those buffers via winsock, prepare wave header build audio buffers and send it to the wave audio device without creating a file. The reason, I don't wanna create a file is that if I do it, there's always a break when played and the output is not continuous. Can anyone suggest me how we can get the streaming continuous anyway whatsoever? Code samples should help me better.

It's ok if files are to be created too. All I want is a continuous streaming audio output with no breaks in between.

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title fixed - please do not use all caps. thanks. :)

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