Need help with a file. Htaccess

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Advisory specialists htaccess! & Hello to all,

jai a little trouble...I can not understand the htaccess file and view multiple jai tutorial I understand it from all the options that apply in my case ..

jai accommodation [nomdedomaine1] where another site at this address [nomdedomaine1/anima/site /]

There is already a multidomain defined so that of they type this [nomdedomaine2] that points directly to [nomdedomaine1/anima/site /]

However, I would like of they types [nomdedomaine2], we do not see in lurl [nomdedomaine1/anima/site /]...but just [nomdedomaine2]

Could you write the maider. htaccess to rewrite lurl
And where do I put this. Htaccess? which directory?

Thank you for your help
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I have no idea what you are saying, but maybe this will help ...
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Tell us what you have.
Tell us exactly what you want to achieve.
Sit back, cross your fingers and wait to see if we can help ;)

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