Creating an image scroller without using an external file

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Hey all, my first post here....

Basically Im creating a photo album page, I saw a script that I like at Dynamic Drive

here's the link: ... bnail2.htm

The probably I'm having with it is that I want the small thumbnail pictures to be limited to a small space, but since there's a lot of them for each page, I wanted to make it scrollable.

So there would be a small section on the side that you will be able to use a scrollbar to be able to navigate through the thumbnails, then when you click on one, it'll display the larger form of that picture somewhere else on the page. So that you can scroll through the thumbnails, but the larger photo will stay in the same place.

I thought of using an iframe or something like that, but with that id have to include an external html file, which would disrupt the javascript.

What would you guys suggest?

I've probably worded that pretty poorly, so hopefully you guys can understand what im looking for.

Thanks a bunch,

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well you could use some more java s and make the images in a java sscroll box witch is a box that you can scroll down or up but its all in one page
i use to have the java s for it but i bet you could find it on the web someplace, thats the only way i could see you doing it.
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yea, ive searched google, but i couldnt find anything, thats why i posted here, hoping someone could help me out here....

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