Cross-linking without reciprocal links and three way links

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I am NOT a PRO

I heard that google does not like reciprocal links and even three way links anymore. (I am neither agreeing, nor rejecting, nor discussing this notion in this post)

I manage 40 or so blogs that are cross-linked. And I now want to cross-link them but without reciprocal links and without three way links

Example of reciprocal links 1 --> 2 and 2 --> 1 (not acceptable)

Example of three way links 1 --> 2 and 2 --> 3 and 3 --> 1 (not acceptable)

1 --> 2 and 2 --> 3 and 3 --> 4 and 4 --> 1 acceptable

(where 1 or 3, etc. means blog #1 or blog #3 , etc. )

Can someone familiar with programming create a table or tables showing the maximum number of links among 40 blogs. The links should comply with these rules:

if 1 links to 2, and 2 links to 3, and 3 links to 4, then 4 should be the first blog to link back to 1 . Each of these four blogs has one outgoing link and one incoming link that are not reciprocal links and not three way links

Is there an online tool making a well organized cross link table or tables for 40 blogs from #1 to #40

Or can someone help and create such table for me and others?

All 40 blogs should comply with these rules: the table should not contain reciprocal links and the table should not contain three way links. And the table should contain the maximum number of outgoing links for each #. The number of incoming and outgoing links for each # should be more or less balanced or equal. (Do not show outgoing links in the table. I understand that each link is incoming and outgoing at the same time. Example 1 --> 2; it is incoming for 2 and outgoing for 1)

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Post 3+ Months Ago

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