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Hello forum. I have inherited a project. It uses CSS to format the body of the web page.

Its appearance needs reworking. Right now it looks like a bock plopped in the middle of the browser window. I want it to have nice borders and a header going across the top and the bottom.

Here is what it looks like now:

Here is what I would like it to look like:

I am not as experienced with CSS as I would like to be. But I was able to dig into the code and find where the html was formatted. I am writing this post now because I would prefer if this design was on a table rather than on the entire HTML page.

The CSS element "html" is defined ni a "main.css" file like this:

html{background-color:#eee;padding:0px;overflow:auto;height:100%;}html body,html form{background-image:url('../images/body-background.gif');
width:1200px;margin:0px auto;box-shadow:0 0 15px 15px #bbbbbb;padding:0px;}
the image
is not the background of the whitespace on the right and left. This gif file is the background of the block in the middle.

So, how do I make this declaration a table declaration instead of a declaration and format for the entire page? And once this change has been made, what sort of corresponding code changes do I need to do in other code files?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Honestly it would be easier as a CSS layout rather then a table layout, even though you can style a table with CSS. Just because of how table acts and that you would need to do a lot of empty table cells to get all the stuff in there. CSS just looks cleaner.

This would be a good project to start learning to design with CSS and DIVs since it's pretty simple. It also would be a whole lot easier to do this from scratch... I mean completely redo the entire thing.

I'm not saying that you should do it this way because it is the right way to design... I'm not saying it isn't the right way either... I'm just saying that this way would be a whole lot easier, and since it's pretty simple, it's a good place to start learning how to design with CSS and get the experience and the know-how.

Either way, even if you're converting this to a table design, you would still need to redo the entire thing... there isn't anything you can do to quickly change some stuff and make it a table. You would need to remove the current DIVs and replace them with tables <tr>s and <td>s...

I'm not exactly sure how to help you beyond this with the information you have given me... some of the information I "used" to help you here came purely from assumption.

Either way, whether or not you choose tables, you would need to use CSS to style the design... in-line or not.

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