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Post 3+ Months Ago

I stumbled across an article I've been waiting to read for years yesterday outlining some things called GObject introspection, and Seed.
I was so excited to read this article, I didn't go to bed. Instead, I stayed awake and played with Seed on my Ubuntu Desktop. :D

Now I'm not very familiar with the "sources.list" file for apt, so it took me awhile to figure out what I needed to do with the URIs here and how to do it.

I opened my sources.list file in gedit as a super-user like so, and pasted the two URIs at the bottom with a note about what they're for.
Code: [ Select ]
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

After I saved that file, I ran update.
Code: [ Select ]
sudo apt-get update

Once that was done and the sources were added I installed Seed.
Code: [ Select ]
sudo apt-get install seed

Once that was done I pasted the code from the article I read into a "test.js" file which I gave execute permissions to and I was staring at a Hello World window with a click-me button in it. :D

Now that I knew it was working I decided to whip up a small system tray icon to monitor skill training in Eve Online.

I already had a copy of the Eve toolkit, so I dug through the images in there and pulled out a copy of the 32x32 character sheet button image into my project directory.

Once I started playing with code I quickly realized there was going to be a lot of guess work involved with determining method names and properties, so I wrote the following utility based on what I could find and previous experience with Javascript to peek inside of things.

Code: [ Select ]
#!/usr/bin/env seed
var obj;
    obj = eval(Seed.argv[2]);
    obj = eval(Seed.argv[2]);
var props = "";
for(var prop in obj)
    props += (prop + " : " + obj[prop] + "\n");
  1. #!/usr/bin/env seed
  3. Seed.import_namespace("Gio");
  5. var obj;
  6. try
  7. {
  8.     obj = eval(Seed.argv[2]);
  9. }
  10. catch(e)
  11. {
  12.     Seed.import_namespace(Seed.argv[2]);
  13.     obj = eval(Seed.argv[2]);
  14. }
  15. var props = "";
  16. for(var prop in obj)
  17. {
  18.     props += (prop + " : " + obj[prop] + "\n");
  19. }
  20. Seed.print(props);

I saved that as "dump.js" in my projects directory so I could run it from the same terminal as I was testing my application from. It basicly takes an object or class name as an argument and dumps a list of methods/properties. The old for(in) trick from Actionscript1 and Javascript. It definately made translating the methods/properties I looked up in program headers easier. :D

Code: [ Select ]
./dump.js this
props :
prop : prop
obj : [object Object]
EvalError : function EvalError() {
    [native code]
  1. ./dump.js this
  2. props :
  3. prop : prop
  4. obj : [object Object]
  5. EvalError : function EvalError() {
  6.     [native code]
  7. }
  8. ...

Then since I hate programming UI elements, I used Glade-3 to put together a simple UI for entering my user_id, character_id, and api_key. As well as a context menu for the tray icon. Since I use GtkBuilder which uses XML files instead of the GLADE files that Glade exports, I had to convert my glade files using gtk-builder-convert.

Code: [ Select ]
gtk-builder-convert ui-settings.xml

Then I spent I don't know how long writing my application.

Here's a screenshot. You can see the settings window on top and the tray icon below in the taskbar. The taskbar icon has a tooltip attached to it that displays the number of days/hours/mins/etc remaining on the skills training time. Once training is complete the icon starts to blink. Simple, and probably a little buggy, but a start. :D


I went ahead and attached a ZIP file with the icon, JS, glade, and XML files if anyone wants to pick through it. :D

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