Re-directing traffic as a host machine

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I am at work: Ports open are 80;443;25;110
I am logging into my home machine to check mail through port 2082.
I must check mail on that port.
But, my work does not allow this port access.
I want to be able to log into my home machine on 443? and check email from work location, through home machine accessing on port 2082 and returning email from 2082 to work on 443?
Can this be done?
If so how?
I hope I am explaining this right.

Can anyone help?


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if you're using linux and sendmail, download and check your email through a browser @ http://yourdomain:10000
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Depending upon your firewall system at work, you probably won't be able to access anything unless it's specifically allowed. Ask your system administrator to add a rule allowing you to send and recieve on whatever ports you need. If, by some chance you've got a static IP at home, he'll proably do it for you. If not, he still might restrict it by your work machine IP (unless that's DHCP too), or he might not do it at all.

Alot of corporate firewalls are extremely tight, and they need to be. If an attacker can find an open port that's not in use, it makes his job all that much easier. Alot of times, you'll only be able to connect to ports 25,53,80,110 and 443 on an outside machine, if even those, often only if you're connecting from a certain range of ports on your local machine. It would probably be easier for you to set up your system at home to use a port that is available to you.

Just to let you know, if you were on my NOC and you wanted me to open up strange ports for world access (that is, without being able to say "only this ip can connect to this port"), I wouldn't do it. Not to be a jerk or anything, just that the company's intellectual property is worth more to me than your email.

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Also, something you could do is make a Yahoo account and then go to your mailbox area. Go into your options and you can add a mail account to it to check. This will bypass your work's port blockings, unless they also block sites like Yahoo Mail.

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