Domain Name Availabilty Script?

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Where I can find a script or a site that will allow you to do a domain name availability serch, that will return the results that can be used in a template?

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I don't know of a script, but... has this feature, you may be able to do "View Source" and rip it from there...?
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hotscripts probably has what you need: ... ols/Whois/

that's a link to the php scripts, but they probably have them in other languages tool.

The first one looks kind of interesting:

I just tried the demo; I didn't look at the code or anything.
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Hmm. Well, I think this would be a good opportunity to learn some perl for CGI. :)
Perhaps a method might entail simply using the 'whois' program that comes with every *nix, and coding it into a perl wrap. (You can get it for Windoze, if absolutely necessary.) A bit of perl;

Code: [ Select ]

$whoisprog= "/usr/local/bin/whois"; 

  if ($fields{domainname}=~ /^([-\@\w.]+)$/) {
    $fields{domainname} = $1;
    $result= `$whoisprog $fields{domainname}`;
    print $result;
  } else {
    print "Illegal Character(s) sent...";
  2. $whoisprog= "/usr/local/bin/whois"; 
  3.   if ($fields{domainname}=~ /^([-\@\w.]+)$/) {
  4.     $fields{domainname} = $1;
  5.     $result= `$whoisprog $fields{domainname}`;
  6.     print $result;
  7.   } else {
  8.     print "Illegal Character(s) sent...";
  9.   }

Of course, 'domainname' comes from the html, cgi, php, or whatever through a form action post to the cgi.

Then you just need to code in the return page in the cgi itself displaying the results.

Now, if it were me, I might add fuzzy matching using Class::DBI and fill an array of close word associated matches. As an example, if someone were searching for, the fuzzy logic might search for pattern type matches on 'blue' or 'zone', perhaps coming up with 'blueszone' or 'blue-zone'; of course it goes without saying the whois would need to be parsed through each of the available domain extensions.

Hope that helps! Have fun!


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