Editing records when selected from a dropdown

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I have a simple MySQL database set up with one table (lots) which stores the following details:

All the users will be able to do is edit existing records.
The user will select from a drop down menu containing the description, this will then display the 'bid' for that item below. On changing the drop down menu selection, will then change and display the 'bid' for that item.

The code for this drop down that I am using is:
PHP Code: [ Select ]
<select name="descriptionitem" id="descriptionitem">
$sql="SELECT * FROM lots";
$result =mysql_query($sql);
while ($data=mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){
<option value ="<?php echo $data['id'] ?>" ><?php echo $data['descriptionitem'] ?></option> <?php } ?>
  1. <select name="descriptionitem" id="descriptionitem">
  2. <?php
  3. include('db.php');
  4. $sql="SELECT * FROM lots";
  5. $result =mysql_query($sql);
  6. while ($data=mysql_fetch_assoc($result)){
  7. ?>
  8. <option value ="<?php echo $data['id'] ?>" ><?php echo $data['descriptionitem'] ?></option> <?php } ?>
  9. </select>

Underneath this would be three text boxes for 'bid', 'table' and 'name', once clicked submit it would update that record on the database, only if the new 'bid' value is larger than the current 'bid' value saved.

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