c++, erasing something from a vector?

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Hi, I have a vector that gets populated by instances. Though, it seems to be making the erase() functionality of vectors unusable :S
Here is what I am talking about:
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class Ctest;
vector <Ctest> testObjects;
class Ctest{
  int id;
  int something1,something2;
  float whatever;
    Ctest(int setId){
      id = setId;
      //... stuff
      //... more stuff
int main(){
  2. class Ctest;
  3. vector <Ctest> testObjects;
  4. class Ctest{
  5.   int id;
  6.   int something1,something2;
  7.   float whatever;
  8.   public:
  9.     Ctest(int setId){
  10.       id = setId;
  11.     }
  12.     ~Ctest();
  13.     someMethod();
  14.     anotherMethod(){
  15.       //... stuff
  16.       //... more stuff
  18.       testObjects.erase(id);
  19.     }
  20. };
  22. int main(){
  23.   testObjects.push_back(testObjects.size());
  24.   testObjects.push_back(testObjects.size());
  25.   testObjects.push_back(testObjects.size());
  26.   testObjects[1].anotherMethod();
  27. ...

Now... when I try to compile (my actual code, not the example above) with gcc I get an error:
error: no matching function for call to 'std::vector<CenemyBullet,std::allocator<CenemyBullet>>::erase(u16&)'

What I think it is stupidly trying to do is find the erase member in the class I have defined... what is up with that? Is that normal or have I done something stupid (defining the vector globally between definitions for the class?).
If that is normal... doesn't that make vectors unusable for objects?

Download my full source. The code in question is within main.cpp, and yes I know there are a lot of other issues in the code ^_^ it's a WIP, ill get round to cleaning it. Unless of course those issues caused that problem.

Oh, I am compiling for the GBA, using devkit advanced. So you most likely won't be able to compile it straight off if you need to do so. If you want you can download the full thing (over 21MB).

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