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i have a registration form & as the user registered by clicking on submit button, he has been redirected to the thanks page. Now the problem is when he clicks on back button of the browser he get the form filled with previous data. So for protecting this i want to expire that registration form after submission.

Is there is any way to do it....
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You probably need to look into using sessions. I would think if you start a session on the forms page, but not continue it onto the thanks page then when the user hits back they will probably see a 'warning page has expired' message. If you want the form to be displayed again you would have to just test that the session data is getting destroyed properly and re-created. or...

Lastly, you could always destroy or nullify the variables that populate the form with the previous data so the user will see a blank form and then not worry about using sessions if the form is public anyway.

Is your form in php?

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