Help with 'complex?' javascript coding?!

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Hi there,

I've always found Ozzu to be a great help when I run into scripting issues! - hopefully you'll be able to help me again!

Currently, my website which can be found at www(dot)msellick(dot)co(dot)uk (coded with Wordpress) has a main title image (using s3slider javascript) and 5 news stories on the homepage. At the bottom of the page, I've introduced a page 1/page 2 feature. When clicking onto page 2, the new content loads, displaying 5 different news posts. I would like the s3slider image at the top to display images relating to these posts, instead of the 5 images from the homepage.

Would anybody be able to shed light on what/where I need to look? My scripting knowledge is basic!

Many thanks,
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Well, I know nothing about the s3slider, but it appears to me that the content is just organized into an unordered list at the top:
Code: [ Select ]
<ul id="s3sliderContent">

Your page 1/2 thing at the bottom is just a link, but I presume these pages are auto-generated to some extent (also not familiar with Wordpress) -- there is a complete reload, but the s3slider content is the same for both.

So, if the pages are static, it is as simple as replacing the <ul> on page 2. Otherwise, you have a couple of choices:

1) make the slider a dynamic component, server-side

2) add an onclick javascript routine to swap the <ul> when you change pages.

You can decide for yourself how easy or hard this will be for you -- if the page sources are static, it will be very easy, just look at the format of that <ul>.

If not, you may be getting to the point where you are going to have to pay someone with skills or dedicate some serious time to acquiring them yourself.

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