how to convert php files to chmod :777

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i downloaded some php scripts and from the installation note, i was told to convert the file or something to one "chmod :777". please how do i go about this.
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Most FTP applications will have a "properties" , "permissions", or "file attributes" option when you right-click a file that will open up a menu with three names on it.


For each of those three names there should be 3 options,


If you enable each of those 3 options for each of the 3 names, it will be the equivilent of "chmod 777".

Leaving it like that longer than it takes for the installation to write to the file is a bad idea though.
Once the installation is finished, go back into that menu & make it so that the "Public" name does not have the "write" option enabled.
Depending on how the server is setup, you might not even have to enable Write for Public in the first place.

If you let us know the name of the FTP application you're using someone should be able to let you know exactly what to look for rather than "properties" , "permissions", or "file attributes".
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if the os of your hosting server is windows, you don't need to change to "777"

if using NTFS, maybe you have to change the permissions

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