How to create link on the text retrieve from the database..!

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i am a newbie in PHP...!
i want to retrieve record from the database and create link on the text of the records...!
and i also save the link on the database...!

this is my search code:


// Get the search variable from URL

$var = @$_GET['q'] ;
$trimmed = trim($var); //trim whitespace from the stored variable

// rows to return

if ($trimmed == "")
echo "<p>Please enter a search...</p>";

// check for a search parameter
if (!isset($var))
echo "<p>We dont seem to have a search parameter!</p>";


mysql_select_db("sample") or die("Unable to select database"); //select which database we're using

$query = "select * from image_table where fname like \"%$trimmed%\"
order by id";


if ($numrows == 0)
echo "<h4>Results</h4>";
echo "<p>Sorry, your search: &quot;" . $trimmed . "&quot; returned zero results</p>";

// google
echo "<p><a href=\""
. $trimmed . "\" target=\"_blank\" title=\"Look up
" . $trimmed . " on Google\">Click here</a> to try the
search on google</p>";

// next determine if s has been passed to script, if not use 0
if (empty($s)) {

// get results
$query .= " limit $s,$limit";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die("Couldn't execute query");

// display what the person searched for
echo "<p>You searched for: &quot;" . $var . "&quot;</p>";

//my table addition
echo "<table border='1'>
<th>LAST NAME</th>

// begin to show results set
//echo "Results";
$count = 1 + $s ;

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>" . $row['fname'] . "</td>";
$count++ ;

// now you can display the results returned
/* while ($row= mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
$title = $row["lname"];

echo "$count.)&nbsp;$title" ;
$count++ ;

$currPage = (($s/$limit) + 1);

//break before paging
echo "<br />";

// next we need to do the links to other results
if ($s>=1) { // bypass PREV link if s is 0
print "&nbsp;<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?s=$prevs&q=$var\">&lt;&lt;
Prev 10</a>&nbsp&nbsp;";

// calculate number of pages needing links

// $pages now contains int of pages needed unless there is a remainder from division

if ($numrows%$limit) {
// has remainder so add one page

// check to see if last page
if (!((($s+$limit)/$limit)==$pages) && $pages!=1) {

// not last page so give NEXT link

echo "&nbsp;<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?s=$news&q=$var\">Next 10 &gt;&gt;</a>";

$a = $s + ($limit) ;
if ($a > $numrows) { $a = $numrows ; }
$b = $s + 1 ;
echo "<p>Showing results $b to $a of $numrows</p>";


now i want to create link on the records of first name..!

for example :
output is

when user click on the ASAD go to
when user click on the ALI go to
when user click on the KHAN go to

but remember all the above link will be save in the table of the database.

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very complicated code you have there. if you're just a newbie, better work on making it simpler. first job is to turn the selected mysql rows into php arrays. then it's easy from there.

what does your databse look like? can you give me an example of your "sample"?
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Assuming that the names is the variable $row['fname'] and the URL to the site to go is $row['fsite'] you can simply do
PHP Code: [ Select ]
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
   echo "<tr>";
   echo "<td><a href=\"{$row['fsite']}\">{$row['fname']}</a></td>";
  1. while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
  2. {
  3.    echo "<tr>";
  4.    echo "<td><a href=\"{$row['fsite']}\">{$row['fname']}</a></td>";
  5.    $count++;
  6. }

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