how to place a link of image at iframe?

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hello, hope some body else for this, :oops:
i make an i frame and nedd to show image only! but i want visitor can click at the pic and link to other side. to fix the size like this code?
they are difren size of pic,ineed to fill out the iframe,
i know java script can afford it but my site is enogh slow already

this my code
Code: [ Select ]
<td align="center" colspan="3" rowspan="2">
<iframe src="url..." name="frame1" height="250" width="250"></iframe>
<a href="/images/cool_light.gif" target="frame1">1</a>..
<a href="/images/coffe_pot.gif" target="frame1">2</a>..
<a href="xxx.gif" target="frame1">3</a></td>
  1. <td align="center" colspan="3" rowspan="2">
  2. <iframe src="url..." name="frame1" height="250" width="250"></iframe>
  3. <br>
  4. <a href="/images/cool_light.gif" target="frame1">1</a>..
  5. <a href="/images/coffe_pot.gif" target="frame1">2</a>..
  6. <a href="xxx.gif" target="frame1">3</a></td>


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