How to program a script to find keywords on Search Engines

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I am looking for knowledge on what one needs to do to be able to search google or Yahoo using your own software. I know that Google has an API that you can purchase and they charge you by the amount of searches. But I also know that you can build a software that will do the searches and you don't have to pay.

Can anyone explain this to me how to do this? Tools like Market Samurai, how are they doing it?

If you use too much band width, google will kick you off, so many softwares have like a 3 to 5 second delay in the search so as not to be booted.

Sorry that I can't be more technical, but I need this information to determine what or how I can move forward with a software.

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like what your doing violates the terms of use of Google in some way. So I doubt anyone is going to help you. If you could be more specific on exactly what your trying to do it might give people a better idea if its illegal or not.
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The cheap man always pays twice.

It might seem like you don't have to pay at first glance, but in reality you have to pay (either in your time, or someone elses) to develop something to integrate.

Then when they change something, instead of having access to tools and documentation for a smooth transition before they pull the rug out from under everyone, you're right back where you when you started.

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