How to Run a .exe in background???

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Hi Folks..this is my first post...

I want to run .exe file(Omnipage.exe) which is a OCR engine.i want to run this in my java code,but no GUI will be pop up when i give inputs to that.the funtionality of Omni Page is if we give a .tif file to that from File-->Open gui will take it as input and processes it returns an output in .txt format.IF i want to run this with my java code i created a bat file and given input as 1.tif as argument but it is opening still in gui mode..i just want to create like..

C:\\Omnipage.exe D:\tiffolder\1.tif
the result willbe 1.txt which will directly stored in D:\tiffolder.

This is very urgent..please help me..thanks..
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Im not quite sure what you would like us to do here.

Simply put, if a executable is written to show a GUI and doesnt offer you the option to run it deamonized then you prob are stuck to that.

Could you please explain a bit better what this program is written to do? (is it purely a GUI based application?, does it support a CLI based instructions, does it support deamonized opperation (windows services) etc... )

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I have seen in my previous company that Omnipage (OCR Engine) supports its .exe should take parameters and gives the output.At that time the configuration was done by some other guy..he wrote code like this

// Step 4: OCR each image file and generate a text file
def recType = 'OCR'
def omrResult = ''
if (recType == 'OMR') {
ant.exec(executable:'cmd.exe',outputproperty:omrResult) {
arg(line:"/c C:\\Progra~1\\ScanSoft\\OPCaptureSDK12\\Distribution\\opo.exe " + tmpDirPath)
else {
ant.exec(executable:'cmd.exe') {
arg(line:"/c C:\\Progra~1\\ScanSoft\\OPCaptureSDK12\\Distribution\\op.exe " + tmpDirPath)

//here tmpDirPath is the path of the .tif files

I asked him his response was:
Take args from command line to execute the omni page as follows
use exec Runtime class to execute omni page.

I am understanding this..if i do it is opening in .GUI mode..

This is very urgent requirement for me...please Help..thanks

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